Sunday, September 25, 2005

Live chatting from Redmond

It was very nice, really very nice, but what's it?!

Today I have a nice chatting with my dear colleagues who had already traveled to Redmond on early Friday 23 at 3:00 AM Christian and Mohamed Helal, it was really nice to chat with them knowing that every thing is ok with them out there, and that the life is awesome out there, soon Chris will post all images for the first and second day on his blog, please feel free to visit it to have a good understanding for how every thing look like.

Finally I hope to finish my H1B papers soon to catch them asap because it's getting boring and boring every day and every minite :S

Catch you later.....

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Iam backkkkkkkkkk, the most important episode (Episode 5)

During this period and after it, the most two important events in my life had happened in which I think my life will be changed completely after them, one of them concerning my military service and the other concerning our seminar with EFG-Hermes IDEAVELOPERS (click on it to see my previous post on it).

First I'll talk about EFG-Hermes opportunity because it comes first, after I heard my military results, I got a phone call from EFG-Hermes telling me that they need to hold a meeting with us concerning our seminar and so on.

Without diving into much details of the two meetings we had held, all what they want is to establish a gaming company here in Egypt with stock of multi-millions and we're supposed to be stock-holders inside the company, the idea was great, and looks very nice (especially that our dream was to establish a company like this one day), that's all for the first part (I hadn't dived into the details because there're a lot of details here).

After the second meeting with them, I had got the second amazing event in my life, I had been postponed from the army for 3 years, wowwwwwww, now I can relocate to MS and enjoy my life in Redmond, and it's very nice.

Till now I hadn't decided yet what shall I do, but Iam looking to work in the both sides, travel to MS after the company is well established here in Egypt and then work with them online after my regular working hours there, but who knows, may something else happens, just who knows!!!

By the way, I had returned back to my first status, which is:

Waiting for H1B Documents.

The End........

Friday, September 16, 2005

Iam backkkkkkkkkk (Episode 4)

After finishing my military papers I felt too bad, because I felt everything is destroyed and I had lost one time-life opportunity, all these had made me feeling too bad, at that time I worked for 3 weeks inside Sakhr, so I had decided not to go again to Sakhr and I decided to forget all about the money I must take for the previous 3 weeks, but when I thought again about it, I found it so bad, how could I left someone who had trusted me to do some sort of work inside this critical time of releasing the software?!

So I had changed my mind from leaving immediately to wait until I finish the important work and until someone else arrive to replace me.

But I asked myself a small question, if I told my manager that I want to leave, how could I convince him to leave me because of my bad temper and that time, so I found a small idea, I will tell my manager that my travel date had been changed to 17 September 2005 instead of 24 October 2005 to make him leave me on the end of the last week (I know it's a very bad action from me, but I had made it because I was acting very badly and my work performance was decreasing too much and I hadn't used to take money without making the required job, so if he's reading this blog now, I am asking him to forgive me for this action and to know why I had made it at all).

After I told him this info, I had worked 1 week in real testing (from QC point of view) and it was the most boring week in my whole life, after this week my friend Yasser Rihan had arrived to the company, and that was my last week, I had told him about the whole system from A to Z until the end of the week had arrived then I left the job.

During this period and after it, the most two important events in my life had happened in which I think my life will be changed completely after them, one of them concerning my military service and the other concerning……

But this will be another story.

To be continued...........

Iam backkkkkkkkkk, Medical Examination day Part 2 (Episode 3)

Now to the second part of the great day of being at the most wonderful and beautiful place in the earth (actually I had invented new definitions for these words) which is the Hykesteb.

In my last post I stopped on the moment I entered to the place in which the medical examination, it started by waiting too long outside the building till the great doctors take their rest and after that they called us to enter to the room, take almost all our clothes off, and then wait another great time till someone of them is free to check you.

After all this time, some one had come out, I told him I've something (which I believe it should get me out of the army after asking many people), se he checked me and said: "mmm, yes you can get out by this but I am not sure yet" and he checked me again and said: "It's not critical as I think, so I won't let you go out"

Actually after hearing this news, I had a great shock!!
Because now I had lost my chance in Microsoft, but I remembered that I've another thing which should get me out of there, so I asked him, he told me that the doctor who's responsible for this part had left and probably will come tomorrow, so I left and came in the second day.

After coming on the second day, the doctor had checked me and after checking me he said: "Yes, you've it, and you can't bear the army while you're having this, but for your bad luck, they hadn't placed it in the rules but they are planning to put it inside the next year's rules, so if you come in the next year you could leave"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it's bad luck again!!!

At this moment I was 100% sure that I had lost my chance in joining Microsoft, but, is this true?!!

I should wait to see the results of postpones, but….

But this will be another story.

To be continued...........

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Iam backkkkkkkkkk, Medical Examination day Part 1 (Episode 2)

Now to the second episode of my long journey through the previous month, which is nearly the most important part (and actually the most dramatic part) from the journey, which is the day I went to the Hykesteb to begin my military service journey.

It started in Wednesday 24-September, I waked up at 5:30 AM, and went to the Hykesteb at 6:45 AM nearly, and there were a very huge number of people out there, so it takes from me till 10:00 till them actually taken my papers, I said ohh my god, they had finally taken my papers, but we're in Egypt and the thing you must learn about the army "If every thing is going ok, you must know that something is wrong and you may be in danger!!!", and as usual someone came with a lot of papers and start calling names, for my good luck, I was in these names, I asked him why you called me?

He told me because your papers which came from you faculty is not clear and it's not stating that your final marks had been approved from the university and a lot of shit like that, the most fun part that my success statement was holding "ختم النسر " (actually I don't know its name in English), so he hadn't accepted a paper holding this sign!!!!

Any way, for my good luck, my dad was out there, and we were having our car ready, so we went back to the college (please refer to my previous post about college papers and how much I had suffered gathering them and they told me that this paper will work fine in the army) so I went there to the college just to kill someone, anyway when I reached the college, I found that temporal tans-scripts are ready, so I went inside a very rough journey of taking a paper and went to a lot of places (some of them I hadn't heard about their existence before I went there in that day) and was asking everyone to sign on the paper to make me free from any responsibilities in this place, everything went fine till I reached the faculty's safe, they were so clear, they told me that they won't sign it till I pay 100 LE for the graduation party, I told them actually I won't be in Egypt to attend any parties, but no way, you must pay or we won't sign, so I paid it because I was having no time to talk, after paying the money and taking the trans-scripts (which had taken another extra time because nothing is behaving good in Egypt) I went back to the Hykesteb, and reached it at nearly 2:00 PM.

I won't dive in to details of how I had convinced them to let me in again after 2:00 PM, but finally I went in, after all normal steps of making your life hell, I reached the medical examination part,

But this will be another story.

To be continued...........

Iam backkkkkkkkkk (Episode 1)

Hello everybody,
Iam back to blogging again after all this period, yes it was a very long time since my last post, but during this period, many events had happened which made me soooo tired and sad!!!

Stay tight, because it'll be a long post.
Still interested? Ok, let's begin:

Let me think for a while where to start, as I remember last time I was talking about H1B visa and that Iam still in the pending state, during the last period, I went to Sakhr to work during the interval until I relocate to USA, so I worked with a great manager named Hatem Affify, he was really great, and I worked in the testing unit making SDK help and samples, yes somehow it was boring (when I left programming to testing for one week), but overall it was good, and the rumors I was hearing about Sakhr and how bad it was, yes it contains a lot of weak points, but people there were really great (developers and managers), but overall the company environment was good (of course if can't be compared to my beloved company Microsoft :P )

Nearly after one month it was the time for my military service medical diagnostics, the most important day in my life which will decide whether I will join Microsoft or not, so, what happened?!

This will be another story.

To be continued...........