Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sky Diving Part 2

Hello all,

As I promised you before, here you're the second episode in my first sky diving which will contain the whole story :)

As I told you before I've chosen to jump the AFF jump, through these jump and without going into much details, the whole process is like that:

  1. After we reach the jumping altitude (13,500 feet), I go to the door, and one instructor will be on my left and the other on my right.
  2. I stand on the door and my face towards the plane front side, then:
    A- Look to my right instructor and say: Check, then he tells me OK.
    B- Look to my left instructor and say Check, then he tells me OK.
    C- Take a look outside the plane to make sure everything is OK.
    D- Go down.
    E- Go up.
    F- Then jump (and jump as Iam standing in order to maintain the correct position during my diving).
  3. immediately after jumping, I read my current altitude and say it to my left instructor then my right one.
  4. I begin simulating the process of opening my parachute three times.
  5. During the 3 times of simulation, I peek a quick read of my current altitude.
  6. One I reach the altitude of 6000 feet, I keep reading till I reach 5,500 feet and then say bye bye and open my parachute.
  7. Once the parachute is deployed, I do several checks to make sure that it's going well, and if any of these checks fails, I try to make some stuff to correct it, and if fails again, I open the reserve parachute, and do the same steps, and once I get sure that everything is OK, I free my guidance ropes.
  8. Using my guidance ropes, I guide my parachute to the landing spot.

And here you're what I've done from those :D :

  1. I made this.
  2. I didn't made any of these steps, simply because when I went to stand at the door, I found that if I did this I will fall, and I've tried my best to tell my instructor that let's jump without making all these, but in vain (you'll see this in video) because the noise was so loud that she couldn't hear me, so I tried my best to stand on the door but once I put my feet there, and I felt like falling, I made a jump without even telling them :D (but cool, it seems that they were prepared for this action ), also I have jumped using my head, and as you'll see in the video, I was falling and my face heading to the sky, which is not the correct direction, so as you'll see, I used my legs and moved them so quickly along with my hands to rotate myself to the correct direction till I succeeded :)
  3. I read it, but because we were falling so fast I couldn't talk, I felt like can't produce any sound.
  4. I did 2 only and the third one was in-complete.
  5. Done.
  6. Done.
  7. Done.
  8. Done.

And now, leave you to the video, enjoy your time ;)


Bahaa Beih said...

Extremely COOL video, Mohamed. No words would describe the excitement of watching it ... I wonder how would anyone describe the excitement of DOING it !! :D

Shafaki said...

Cool. I also love the idea you are using "Google" videos, a Microsoft competitor.

Mohamed Meshref said...

Yes, it was very cool :)

Mohamed Meshref said...

And for using Google, of course I don't wanna kill my site bandwidth :D

SWBD said...

Great video! Welcome to the sport!

Anonymous said...

I laughed my self silly while reading the blog part that describes what actually happened. I just started the AFF and am at Level 5. Could totally relate. It is amazing how your thinking shifts in such a short time...from being nervous on a commercial flight to hanging your ass out a door at 14,000feet. Here's to you Mohamed for having the courage. I don't think I could have done it myself without first having jumped tandem...Barbra

Mohamed Meshref said...

I am always doing things others see crazy :)

Anonymous said...

Great video, Mohamed - I have copied it for use with my students, to explain about forces AND the common misconception that you somehow 'go back up' when the 'chute opens!

Love the singing, is that you on karaoke? Perfect choice of song...

Mohamed Meshref said...

I am not the one who chosed it :)