Friday, February 03, 2006

Photo Album Instructions

Hello all,

Back again to posting (soon I'll continue posting because as I said before I've a lot of news).

So any way, what's this post for?

As you probabily saw that I've put a link titled by Photo Album in the links section for my blog, I've put some of pictures I've here on my PC, also I'll post any new photos I got into it especially those related to Redmond :)

So here you're the instructions to access the Album:

  1. As you may guess it starts by simply clicking over the link and wait for the new windows to pop up :D
  2. You'll find some directories and each directory will contain some photos, click over any directory to open it and view images inside it.
  3. You'll find thumbnails for all images inside the directory, and at the top you'll find pages if the number of images can't be fit into just one page, click over any thumbnail to open the medium-size image (low quality version).
  4. Now you could either:
    1- Click over the lower center of the image to return back to the index.
    2- Click over the left part for the image to go to the previous image, or click over the right part for next image.
    3- You will notice a new button added at the top of the page to run slide show of the photos.

That's all.

Enjoy your time reviewing my photos ;)

Catch you later.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank You very much
I was abashed to ask from you to post these Pics
But you already posted it
Thank you