Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sky Diving, feel the gravity

Hello all,

Today I did a very crazy process :D, one of my friends here, was looking to make a sky diving, and knowing the fact that Iam dying to make it too, I joined him in this :)

When we knew the exact place we'll do it in, we were having two options, either to do it in the Tandem way or do it as Accelerated Free Fall way, everyone from those has its pros and cons, so let's give you a quick preview for both:

Tandem Pros:

  1. Very small preparation and time till jump (about 10 min).
  2. Don't worry about anything, you just look around and don't do anything.
  3. Cheaper.

Tandem Cons:

  1. Knowing the fact the it's easier, then actually you learn nothing.
  2. Not really free fall, as someone will be sticking into your back, and for this extra weight, you'll have some thing like small parachute to decrease your acceleration to about 0.1-0.2 G.

Accelerated Free Fall Pros:

  1. Real free fall with G acceleration.
  2. Learn how to do stuff by yourself and how everything is working.

Accelerated Free Fall Cons:

  1. You must care about everything, and actually you'll do and know a lot of stuff which is not easy at all.
  2. Accelerating down with g is great, but put in your mind that you'll have no chance to breath well, your face will be like water and you'll feel with hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pressure on your face and stomach.
  3. More Expensive than Tandem.

So putting all these in mind, we decided to do it in the accelerated Free Fall way, so I'll leave the talk about this part to the next episode and I'll leave you to the pictures, enjoy :)

Next time I'll tell you about the weird stuff I did up there and how everything is working and also the big surprise, a video for the whole process ;), but for now, just enjoy the photos with small resolution for internet :)


Bahaa Beih said...

WOW ... this must have been real fun ... to fall that fast must've been fantastic.

Mohamed Meshref said...

It's not only very fun, it's really maddddddddddddddd, next post when I talk about everything and when you see the video you'll know well what I mean by mad here :D