Sunday, August 07, 2005

3D Game Event

Ohhh, it had been very long time since I had written any thing in this blog :), any way, in the last week I got a phone call from IDEAVELOPERS, a firm which is related to commercial funds in IT field, the attendees were the teams them-selves, IDEAVERLOPERS' business associates and consultants and EFG Hermes Private Equity team responsible managing the Technology Development Funds, the event was about Game Development and Production, we had went there in a hope to get some funds in order to get good media team to complete our game, the events had been in this way:

  1. We were supposed to be the first speakers to talk at 6:00 PM, but we had arrived at 6:15, so we spoke after the first team which had taken our place :).
  2. The people in the room had been fascinated with the game engine and the demos.
  3. We had found what we were looking for, the media team which was great and we hope we'll reach an agreement to work with each others :)

That's all till now, and I hope soon we got some good news :)