Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I am air born :)

Since the old days I always wanted to be a pilot, and this stayed with me until I recently saw an ad on the Internet with a coupon for a discovery flight with $99 (discovery flight means a small 1-lesson course in which you get a taste of what flying is and you even fly around with the aircraft for a while to taste this), so I thought why not to begin learning flying now?

Is it the time?

I think so.

So I went there yesterday and I got my first discovery, which including pre-taking off check-list (internal/external) and then the instructor let me take off with the plane and then play for a while up there and then he landed the plane (it's so hard to land it without enough knowledge, but it's easy to take it off).

Any way after that I decided that I'll continue until I get my private license, and then I may go with the instrumental rating (enables you to fly completely depending on the avionics only) and may be after that to take instructor license :)


That what the plane we flew yesterday (Cessna C172 Skyhawk N1152Z):






This is air force 2 which seems be having it maintenance done on that day:




And finally it's me :) :