Saturday, June 11, 2005

My Experience with Microsoft Interview (Part 3)

After that, I had a very nice time waiting for the results, they told us that they will respond to us within a time frame of two weeks, so I had waited all that time with no answer, after that I had went to Sharm El Shekh with my friends, in the second day, we got a phone call on Mohamed Samir's cell phone, it was our friend Ahmed Ismael, he was asking him about his results, and we knew that the results had been released and we supposed to have it now on our email box, we were very mad at this moment, and we searched the whole place for a cyber or any place which has any access to the web, till I remember that I had seen a cyber on the door of the resort, so we went there, I asked Samir to see his results at first, he had seen it and unfortunately he hadn't been selected, so I had jumped into mine, I had found nothing, no yes or no, so I had spent about 3 hours waiting (because I thought it's on its way to be sent), but also in vain, so I paid the money, and go out, I had spent the rest of the journey in the cyber :D

And after all that I had sent an email to Caroline asked about my results, she told me that the team had some sudden family problems and they won't be able to answer me now!!

I had returned back home and hadn't got any thing also, a week after that (or 10 days I don't remember exactly), it was for the MDC 2005, so I went there just to meet Patrick Hynds (an instructor in MDC and the regional director of Microsoft Boston), because it was a very long time talking with him and I was looking to meet him (and I think it was the same for him), he asked me about the results and I told him that Iam the only one who hadn't got it till now, he wished me best luck and wished me to receive it before the end of the MDC to be able to make some kind of party :)

But the same bad luck is here, the MDC 2005 had wrapped up, and another week had passed since the MDC had finished with no answer yet, the funniest thing that I had contacted Caroline many times during this period, but with no result also :D:D

After that, I had got an email from Caroline, at first I was hesitated and having some fear from opening it, but I had opened it, and had made a quick scan with my eyes, Congratulation Mohamed, this was the first thing I had seen in the email, after reading it, Oh my god I had been accepted, and not only accepted, but accepted in the SQL Server Engine Core as Software Design Engineer, this was more than I can bear :)

And finally I had got my first dream came true, after that with only one more week, I had received a tons of papers to be signed, which contains every thing, starting from my basic salary there, to my health insurance and every thing about Microsoft it self as a company, my direct manager and every thing (they were so organized as much as you can imagine).

That's all for my journey with the interview itself, soon (as I hope) I'll write about my first day in Microsoft Redmond HQ (and about the visiting for the great Microsoft Museum in the first day as they told me :P )

But this will be another story.

By the way, here you can share the fun looking at the Corporation view and my building (you'll find a map in which I had marked my building on it, it's building number 35):

To be continued........


Yasser Rihan said...

:D rabena yewafa2ak ya meshref may all your treams come true.
kan fee comment nefsi a2ooloo ya3ni ya meshref ana 7ases enn sha7'seietak et3'aiaret lel a7san keteer aslan ya3ni el sara7a maba2etshi tef2a3 zai zaman koll 7aga aw mo3zam el 7agat elli kanet betef2a3ni feek et3'aiaret 7'ales lel a7san el 7amd lellah el sara7a ya meshref deh 7aga rabena yekremak 3aleeha qodtretak 3al tazbeet a7'ta2ak el sara7a rabena yekremak yabni we tet7a2 koll a7lamak isA :)

Mohamed said...

I'm happy for you. Best of luck. Make the best out of your experience there, and learn alot.

Anonymous said...

Rabena ma3ak, the Story really touched me sooo much.
I belive u r gonna have a promising Future ISA

Hashim said...

It is my first post in your blog.
I have a question. Don't you consider this information confidential?
It is not good to publish it in a blog.
The hiring process in MS, people info, interview, questions .. etc.
Do Microsoft consider this information internal information? If not it wont be a problem. You can ask the legal affairs.
Best Wishes.

Mohamed Meshref said...

Nope, it's not, the blogging now is an global direction inside Microsoft.

With the agreement of Steve Balmer himself, Microsoft employee now can post any thing about any thing inside Microsoft, the new Microsoft policy of being transparent is allowing me to talk about any thing and whatever I want except for very few things :)

Hashim said...

You are right, I believe that Microsoft start to do manything to compete with Google :)
I found also in EDS that we can blog.
check EDS Blog

Mohamed Meshref said...

But as far as I know this policy is not inside Google, also this policy is inside Microsoft from many years ago, it's not a new one

egyptian said...

how acn i master XML

egyptian said...

how can master OOP analysis and design ???
thnx for your time man and you are RIGHT
pro developper i the RIGHT place(MICROSOFT)

egyptian said...

can you tell me how can i master XMl man

egyptian said...

hi mohmmed

howa are you man ???

i want to kno what is your feel when you make your first progrm
and know whe you working in microsoft ?????

and how can i master XML ????

Mohamed Meshref said...

egyptian said...

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

انتكش معايا يامحمد ان ميكروسؤفت بتجري اوي في الدوت نت لما يبقي في C#3 بتنزل والناس لسه مبقتش محترفين في 0.2 وكمان لسه بتذاكر في.0.1
ايه رايك انت في الموضوع ده وتنصح الناس يايه تذاكر واحد وتسيب اتننين ولا العكس ولا ايه بالظبط

Mohamed Meshref said...

C# is a language, and the updates are just new features which don't violate the old features, so it's not different to learn the new version or learn the old one then the new one, it will take the same time

egyptian said...

ana ya3eny kont bas2l mommken
azay 7ad ykon fe mostak ye3mel eah be lzabt 1-yzaker ezay
2- yeshtagel ezay
slam y mohammed

Mohamed Meshref said...

Just organize your time and read in things you like