Wednesday, June 07, 2006


This post is gonna be some how technical, as during the last days I kept asking myself this question:

Why usually every student in computer science is thinking about either:

1- Making a new Operating System.
2- Making a new RDBMS.
3- Making a new programming language.

And everytime you ask someone why you think about this?

You got these answers:

1- For learning (this is the only good answer).
2- For making something for us to work with.

The main problem here that they never ask them selves a very simple question:

What we'll add by making this project?!!

Because anyone could build kernel with it's loaded in less than 10 months, this is not the problem here, I'll give you a very simple and very known example, Linux OS, can you tell me during the early releases of Linux, why could someone stop using Unix and use Linux?!

Simply because Linux is free.

Now lets imagine that Linux was in the same price as Unix, now everyone could think in this way and make this comparison:

Unix Linux

Not Free Not Free
Unix arc. Unix arc.
Well tested for years and having good support New and using it may be risky

So now, would any one try to make his business on Linux?!
Of course not, give me one reason for this!!

Now let's return back to our point, every one from those people, just tells me that he's reading now in Linux source code and start making his own OS!!!

So the question here, what's new here?!
It's still using Unix-Like Arc., even you can't make a community for it as no one will leave Linux community and come to work in exactly the same (let's say that he/she can do it exactly the same like Linux which is hard) arc. and start again from scratch to reach the same result?!!!

No one ever thinks like that.

If it's for learning, then look around you, there're dozens of loaders and kernels every where, ask your self why people haven't completed it to be a complete OS?!!

For the same reason, why re-invent the wheel?!

Why start walking in a street and you know well that at the end you'll be ending on the same place others are beginning now?!!

If you really wanna make a new OS, then make your own arch., invent something new, something which will let the people say: "Hey, this OS is totally new, let's try it".

Because the idea of the Re-Make may be good in movies, in songs, but in software, it's useless, totally mess.

The something happened in making a new programming language, they just try to make a new programming language by just changing the syntax, the question again, why?!!

If you tell me as example that you would make Arabic syntax programming language I may agree with you (although you can build an addition layer over any existing programming language like C/C++ to translate your new syntax to the old one, in other words, just build the parse tree and pass it to the old compiler), why I could leave X language and go to Y language and the only difference that instead of writing int Variable, I'll write Variable int, or things like that, this is also worth nothing, total mess.

Imagine now that someone spent 5 years from his life and then came after that saying: "Heyyy, I invented a wheel from scratch, I didn't use any already made materials, I built it from the ground zero"

What you'll tell him?!
Simply: "Are you fool?!!!
Why you could spend 5 years from your life making something useless like that?!!"

But if he came and said that the wheel he invented is multi-size, or can't be exploded, or anything like that, this will be useful.

My final comment, there're a lot of wheels out there, either use them, or if you don't like to use them, build a spaceship, no one needs more wheels here!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

For Egyptians (Especially MSN and ICQ users)

Deh kanet post katabtaha abl keda fel blog el tany, mesh 3aref 7ases eni 3ayez aktebha hena tany.

El mohem, heya betetkawen min so2al wa7ed min goz2en, eli ye3raf yegaweb 3aleh abl mayshof el 7al, yeb2a tamam:

1- Leh samo el nafora nafora, ya3ni leh masamohash safora, bafora, eshme3na nafora?!
2- El 7ashesh eli beyetshereb, leh samoh 7ashesh?!
Leh mesh wara2 3enab, gawafa, moz, eshme3na 7ashesh?!!

Fakar shewaya fel 7al, law ma3reftesh el egaba, shof el full post ;)

Now ba2a negy lel egaba, bey2olak zaman 2wy 2wy ayam el denasorat keda, we ayam lama kan el ensan lesa geded fel kar, kan feh wa7ed esmo 3am 7ashesh, el ragel dah kan sha3'al ba7'a7', aslo kan ragel lazloz keda we bo2o keber 2wy, fa kano bey2agaroh yemla bo2o maya we yes2y el genina 2w ye7'sel el denasorat, keda ya3ni.

El mohem el ragel dah kan beyelbes fostan 3ageb 2wy, kan mesameh el nafora 3ala esm gedo el akbar, maho el ragel esmo 7ashesh nafora.

El mohem el ragel dah lama kan 7ad yes2al 3ayez ba7'a7', kano ye2ololo ro7 le 7ashesh el nafora, ba3d fatra keda e7'tasaro el esm we samoh el nafora bas, we deh egabet el goz2 el 2wal

Tab we asl kelmet 7ashesh?!

Beyo7ka en fe yom min el ayam, 3am 7ashesh kan 3amal yebo7' kal 3ada 7awalen magles edaret marage7 moled el naby 3alashan yetary el 23da 3alehom, we homa sa3etha kano beyetna2sho fe moshkela gamda gedan, ela waheya enohom min sa3et lama fata7o 7adeket el denasorat beta3ethom, kano 7aten range fe rashom en kol esbo3 momken el denasorat takol 12 zebon, laken eli 7asal en el denasorat kanet betakol fel motawaset 40 zebon, fa egtama3o 3alashan ye7elo el moshkela deh.

El mohem nerga3 le 3am 7ashesh, yomha 7'adeto el galala 2wy, fa mala bo2o gamed, 2am bo2o nasha3, ba3d lama ba7' el maya kolaha, 7ab yenashefo 3alashan 7'alas kan 2arab yebosh, 2am 3amal eih?!

nat 3al ard gab 7eta min shagar 3'areb keda we kalha ba3d lama nada3'ha, el mohem ba3d shewaya howa kalo min hena we rabena maywareko 3ali 7asal, 23ad yemla bo2o maya we yebo7' 3al nas we 3amal yed7ak we yed7ak, we yegry fel 7eta zay el 3abet keda we kol shewaya yebo7' 3al nas le7ad lama 7aset el karsa.

wa7ed min beto3 magles edaret marage7 moled el naby kan raken el T-Rex beta3o 3ala ganb, wel T-Rex kan 2a3ed mostagem 2wy fel shams, el moseba en 3am 7ashesh lama bas 3aleh we min kotr mahowa kan mastol, eftakaro komodeno, 2am ba7' 3aleh maya, fa el denasor etdaye2, 2am kal 3am 7ashesh.

El mohem, el nas 7alelo eli fadel min 3am 7ashesh we ektashafo en el nabat el 3ageb dah howa eli 3amal keda, We ta7'ledan le zekra 3am 7ashesh, samo el nabat dah 7ashesh we heya deh keset el 7ashesh eli el 7ashashen beyeshraboh till now we deh egabet el so2al el tany.

Tab3an now fadel goz2 mohem gedan, we howa el deros el mostafada min el kesa deh:

1- Lama tekon 3ayez tenashef bo2ak, eb3ed 3an el 7ashesh.
2- Heya 7elwa gedan enak tebo7' maya 3al nas, bas eb3ed 3an el denasorat eli betetshames.
3- 7esak 3enak tebo7' 2y maya 3ala 2y komodeno ba3d keda a7san yetla3 denasor
4- 7ot fe rasak en law el denasor kalam, momken yesamo el 7ashesh 3ala esmak, we deh el meza el wa7eda fe 2y wa7ed el denasor yaklo