Saturday, July 07, 2007

Poll #4: How do you think about us Egyptian as whole?

So finally, now regardless of "we've kind hearts" and we "live in peace", and issues like that, I am talking professionally, what do you think about our value as "Egyptians" (only those who live inside Egypt) for the man kind?

And please give reasons for your opinion.

N.B: I don't hate being Egyptian, but I see a HUGE amount of negative issues more than any other nation in the history (as a nation which was one day the most advanced one on the planet)

Poll #3: How many Egyptian do you think will take any professional criticism personally?

Again, in continue for the last post, the final question:

If you went to your college, and told any professor that his way of teaching is not good and that you can't understand anything, what do you expect that he'll do?

  1. Give you bad grades in his subject (or even make you fail in his subject)?
  2. Tell you that you're rude and then you'll probably find that you've lost one year in the college (or may even lose the whole college).
  3. Tell you "Thanks for letting me know, you're a honest person"?

Knowing the fact that you told him this sentence exactly:

"Dr. X, I am just having an opinion about the way you Sir are teaching us, I just don't like it because I can't understand very well from it, can you please Sir just try to make it slower?"

And just apply the same issue on any other person (police officer, your neighbour, etc).

Poll #2: How many people do you think will accept to marry a rapped girl?

In continue for the previous post, and taking this post as a reference, this time the question is simple:

We all know that when a girl is rapped that she's a victim, we all agree on this and I am sure than about 80%-90% of the population actually agree on this, but the question, how many people do you think will accept the following:

  1. Marry the rapped girl (or letting their son marry her) and at the same time all the people around them know this fact (someone may marry a rapped girl as long as no one know this fact).
  2. Accept her as a best friend for their daughter (again while all the people around them know that she's rapped).
  3. Accept their daughter to bring her to the home normally.
  4. Don't look into her as someone who "did sex before" and look into her as normal as them?
  5. Finally, looking into her as a completely normal girl which doesn't have any difference than their virgin daughter or sister?

For me, I see that most of the population won't allow any of the above, so if anyone saw any case which is not like this, please let me know, because all the cases I knew about won't accept any of the above.

UPDATE: If you don't believe that this is true, and Egyptians will treat her well, then can you tell me why only 5%-10% of the rapped girls and rapped girls family actually report the rapping?(From ministry of interior reports and some un-official reports and organizations).

Because if people are treating them well, then why they don't report it?

Why they feel it's shame and they shouldn't report it?!

Poll #1: What do you think about Egyptian youth in colleges?

A debate has been going on lately about the current generations and whether they are good or they don't even deserve to get the free education they are getting, in my opinion, 85%-90% of the students in those college don't even deserve to be there for the following reasons:

A- Students in colleges like Arts, Law, Commerce, etc.

  1. Most of them care only about what they will be wearing tomorrow, and how to approach the other sex, and how to get the most recent mobile phone and stuff like that.
  2. They don't have any idea what they are doing in this college.
  3. They don't have any plans for their future.
  4. They hardly succeed in the college.
  5. They graduated without any much knowledge about the issue they were studying.

B- Students in what called "Top Colleges" (i.e. Computer Science, Medicine, Engineering, etc), I'll be talking about Computer Science but I know that this issues apply on the other colleges from my friends inside them:

  1. When you find a student who took a place in the college and doesn't even like computer (actually he/she hates computer so much!!!!)
  2. When learning programming and computer science for him/her is only for the sake of getting higher grades.
  3. When he/she is in his final year, and doesn't even know a very primitive terms like Object Oriented, break point, #include, namespace, dynamic link library, linker, etc (I am not talking about the meaning that you can get by typing define:word in Google, I am talking about understanding it).
  4. When their graduation project is anything as long as it gives them more grades.
  5. When they do the same subjects' projects without even looking into the code (just get the code from anyone).
  6. When they ignore anything related to the field as long as it doesn't give them any additional grades.
  7. When they look into anyone who do anything normal as a "genius".
  8. When reading for them means "shit".
  9. When talking with them in technology means that you either "a geek" or just "showing off" even if what you're talking about is really nothing!

I know that the system itself sucks, but I am talking about a specific issue, now knowing the fact that we got a percentage of about 10%-15% successful graduates from these colleges, then now we know that anyone could succeed inside, so if you failed, it's your fault.

Now to the poll question, do you agree with these issue and that they actually exist or not?