Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life @ Microsoft Revealed ;)

Video 4 :)
This is amazingly funny :)


Loai said...

Where were you been?:S
I really miss you and miss you posts.
Anyway, welcome back, brother.
And wait for me, i will be at Microsoft soon, Very soon.:)

Mohamed Meshref said...

Aho was busy 7aba :)

Loai said...

Ok thanks god for anything. Now, i wanna talk a little with you.
Is it possible to talk with you on Messenger or anyother service ?!

Mohamed Meshref said...

yeah it's fine :)

Loai said...

Ok, that's my Email address :

Send me your email and I will send my question through it

Thank you, that's appreciated

Anonymous said...

well I'm new here and I will read all the blog but your cv is down.could you reupload it please