Monday, December 26, 2005

Good News

Another long time to post any thing on the blog, but it's not my fault any way, it's just I don't find any news to post :D

Any way, I promised last time to post episode 3, but this will take some time because I want post it until episode 4 is happened ;)

So now, what's the good news?!

The good news that although I've waited for a bit long time, I knew from about a week ago that one of my best friends and the one I love the most (his name is Hany) has been accepted in Microsoft Redmond HQ too as SDE (the same title as me) in Windows Serviceability team.

So now, I'll have my best friend with me in Redmond, sharing the same flat and enjoying the same life ;)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Previous Days, Episode 2

So, let's continue the second episode, where have we stopped?!

mmm, I think when I told you about the media and art team and our problems in it, yeah, so as I said before, I've sent tons of ads into as many groups as you could imagine, but in vain, no one from people whom have answered my email is qualified to work in this job, and we were in great mess because we were having nothing to do in order to solve this great problem, all these till the solution has come from our God.

While we were surfing on the web, we found some sort of art studio in china, whose people were looking for a company to share and make any sort of corporation to be valuable for both parties, so I have added their lead on my msn, have very nice chatting together till we became friends.

Then we reached the most important part, to ask them about their work and what they could do, he have sent me some screen shots and a link to their showreel (I was hoping to put some shots for these stuff here, but I don't know whether they have any sort of copywrites or not), after I've seen these demos, I got amazed, these team was capable of doing any thing related to the art part, they are doing characters better than those in half-life 2, making movies, cartoon, any thing you could imagine they could make and with great output.

Also the most amazing part, they know well how it could be to build models and media for 3D games, because they worked in games and movies before, so it won't take any time to teach them any thing about game programming.

Till this moment every thing is great, but what about dealing with them, could they agree?

And if yes, what would they request?
And how we could do it?

All these questions will be answered in the next episode, so say tight ;)

Catch you later.....