Sunday, July 30, 2006

Open Source (Free version), How Comes?!!!

I am just wondering about Open Source principals, yes, I could understand that people asking for software code to be opened for learning purpose, or for the development of software as whole, but what I don't understand and not convinced with at all:

1- People whom are convinced with Open Source principals believe that all closed source companies are evil, which is not reasonable at all, because why we don't do the same with other professional services, I mean why you can't go for a lawyer asking him to show all his work secrets with you and when he don't do this, then he's evil?!

2- The "Software for free" principal is not reasonable at all, why developers only?!Why we can't see doctors for free, lawyers for free, engineers for free, teachers for free, books for free, etc, why developers only?!Aren't they humans that need money to live?!Aren't they spending the same time (and even more), and spend more money than lawyers and doctors as example?!Why it's normal for the first to sell their services for free and when the second group does the same they are evil?!

I may got some answers like: "Open source doesn't sell the product, but they sell the services for this product", they may be OK for an OS or RDBMS, but what about software which doesn't require any kind of services like Games, small software like graphics packages, like mathematical packages, word processing, etc, is it reasonable for some one to spend a year or more working day and night for nothing and the people whom are using his work and whom spent the same time in their work (like doctors and lawyers) get more money and get a car and home and then get his work for free while when he's seek or asking about law advice is going to pay for them, is this reasonable and fair for me to do job for you for free and when I ask the same for you to pay?!!!

It may be because most of the Egyptians I met are thinking that Open Source = Free which is not the case, this may be the reason, I don't know!

I really want to know how it's working as it doesn't make any sense at all!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

علم المنطق

في واحد راح يستقبل ابن عمه في المطار المهم وهم راجعين من المطار بيسأله: انت بقا لك عشر سنين في أمريكا.. كنت بتدرس ايه؟رد عليه ابن عمه : كنت بدرس علم المنطق قاله : ايه هو علم المنطق؟ رد عليه: صعب اللي درسته فى عشر سنوات اشرحهولك فى ساعه بس انا هاديكمثال على المنطق قاله : اوكي سأله ابو المنطق : انتوا عندكم كلبفي البيت, صح؟ رد عليه: ايوةعندنا قاله: ادام عندكم كلب اكيد انكم عاملين له بيت فى الحوش
رد عليه: صح عاملين له بيت في الحوش قاله : مادام انه عندكم حوش اكيد انكم عايشين في فيلا رد عليه: صح إحنا عايشين في فيلا قاله: مدام انكم عايشين في فلا اكيد ان ابوك غني رد عليه: صح ابويا غني قاله: مدام انه ابوك غني اكيد ان امك تقعد في البيت يعنى مش محتاجهانها تشتغل رقاصة عشان تجيب فلوس رد عليه: صحيح امي قاعدة في البيت قاله : هذا هو المنطق , انك تبني شيء علي شيء. من وجود الكلب في بيتكم استنتجنا ان امك مش رقاصة ردعليه : ياااااااااااا هو ده المنطق؟ المهم … صاحبنا راح عند صحابه باليل وحب يتفزلك عليهم وسألهم ياشباب تعرفون ايه هو المنطق ؟ رد واحد لا والله ما نعرفش قال : انا اعلمكم سأل صاحبه: انتوا عندكم كلب في البيت ؟ رد عليه صاحبه : لا ما عندناش قاله : تبقى امك رقاصة

Friday, July 14, 2006

First Technical Article

As I promised before, here you're my first technical article:

Waiting for your comments :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Technical Articles!

Finally I've taken the step to begin writing many technical articles on SQL Server Manageability on my technical blog.

Stay updated as this blog will be updated with a new article every week at max.